Message From Our Principal

Message From Our Principal

At East Street Elementary School all students are educated to the best of their ability in a nurturing, safe, and academically stimulating environment. We provide a quality education for our students and encourage them to respect themselves, each other, and their community.

Our curriculum offers students quality education in all subject areas while promoting intellectual curiosity. The skills we emphasize include a love of reading, writing, math competence and technology awareness. By providing a rigorous curriculum, character education strategies, and a strong home - school connection, we are able to create an exciting educational experience for our students. We offer annual reading and math extracurricular programs, Math Olympiads, band, orchestra and chorus activities. Students at East Street participate in district-wide and all county music performances.

The success of our school community is due to a quality educational program and the dedication of our faculty, staff, parents, and students. Our Student Council is active in promoting school spirit as well as encouraging participation in charitable causes in our community. In addition, the East Street PTA supports our school and students through several programs and activities offered year-round to students on all grade levels.

East Street School is the oldest elementary school in the Hicksville community. It continues to be a wonderful environment for children to learn and grow, offering an education that will last a lifetime.

Jean-Marie Serra