(Recognizing Individual Student Excellence)

R.I.S.E. is a enrichment program offered to high achieving students.

What are the goals of the R.I.S.E. program?

  • To help students develop a deeper understanding of the content that makes up the grade level curriculum.

  • To engage students i complex ideas and experiences and to increase knowledge through investigation, research, and reflective inquiry.

  • To provide students with authentic opportunities to explain, interpret, apply, shift perspective, empathize, and self-assess.

  • To offer a variety of opportunities for expression with a environment that is flexible and encourages risk-taking and diverge thinking.

  • To ensure that high achieving students can develop the skills and knowledge commensurate with their abilities, which are necessary to be successful in the 21st century. Specifically, those skills and knowledge include digital age literacy, inventive thinking, effective communication, and problem solving.

How was your child chose for R.I.S.E?

  • Step 1: Measures of Academic Progress (MAP test scores)

  • Step 2: Report card

  • Step 3: Teacher nomination Form

  • Step 4: Admission to program requires a score of 10 to 17 points

What curriculum is covered?

Each grade will cover 4 units of study in Social Studies, Science, Mathematics, and English Language Arts.

R.I.S.E. will also incorporate the Junior Great Books program.

  • 3rd grade Curriculum

  • Geography's influence on where and how people live

  • Folktales

  • How people control their world using math and science

  • Study of China, Australia, and Mexico, compared to the United States

  • 4th grade Curriculum

  • Revolutionary War's impact on New York State

  • 4th grade Curriculum

  • Revolutionary War’s impact on New York State

  • Folktales

  • Weather

  • Geometry in everyday life

  • 5th grade Curriculum

  • U.S. Constitution

  • Civil Rights Movement

  •  Effect of Human footprint on the ecosystem

What kinds of activities?

Read books, build models, invent something, create maps, write essays, debate, produce puppet shows, act in a play, write a song, keep a journal/log, photography, create a poster, take notes, use print and internet research, produce graphs and charts, develop action plans, analyze, question, and much more.

What types of Technology will we use?

  • Webquests

  • Wikis

  • Blogs

  • Video-streaming

  • Virtual field trips

  • Software -animation, 3-D, timelines, etc.

Will your child receive a report card for R.I.S.E?

Children will receive a progress report attached to their regular report card each trimester.

Will your child be in R.I.S.E next year?

There will be an annual review process.

The review committee will consist of:

- the principal

- the R.I.S.E teacher

- the classroom teacher